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Student Accident Insurance

Students in Bachelor Degree programs, Experience Credit-Transferred programs and Master Degree programs will be provided accident insurance, as per students’ acknowledgement during enrolment process. The insurance coverage period starts from student orientation day to his/her graduation, as per each curriculum.

When an accident occurs, students will be able to visit a doctor at a hospital, a clinic (both public and private), and reimburse treatments. (Not more than 15,000 baht per accident) Treatment receipts and original medical certificates shall be submitted to Office of Student Affairs at Building 2, 3rd Floor, Room. 2303 on business days and hours, for reimbursement.

Students can download a health and accident insurance application form here.

For more information

Student Affairs Dept. 
Ajarn Pichet Thongtap,  8.30-17.30 hrs.
Monday – Friday (except public holiday)
Email: pichet.th@dtc.ac.th  Tel : 02-361-7811-3 #126

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