Pattaya Campus

Pattaya Campus

Pattaya Beach is well known for its glamorous 15-km long beach, located on the east of Thailand. Only 1.5-hour drive from Bangkok, Pattaya City welcomes millions of visitors yearly with all kinds of hospitality services, ranging from luxury hotels and resorts, cozy guesthouses, entertainment, restaurants and shopping malls.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, various economic activities are being developed in response to the growth and the expansion of tourism in the region. These days, over 90% of labor is employed in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Today, Dusit Thani College, Pattaya City Center offers three management programs leading to a bachelor’s degree, comprised of Hotel and Resort Management, Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management and MICE and Events Management. These programs are taught in Thai language.

Apart from the bachelor’s degrees, Pattaya City Center also offers courses in various aspects of the hospitality industry to those who are on the lookout for top notch professional skills’ training.

Dusit Thani College, Pattaya City Center is ambitious to produce highly-competent graduates who become successful future leaders in the industry.

Dusit Thani College, Pattaya City Center is one of the hospitality education and training providers where people can fulfill their education ambition.

It is an institution where education opportunity is always available.

Hotel-management Pattaya Campus

B.B.A. in Hotel Management


B.B.A. in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management


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