“Pre-competition workshop” Dusit Thani College gives competitors in DTC Young Chef Challenge an experience with culinary experts 

04 July 2023

Before blasting a heightened culinary competition among MoU-signing schools with Dusit Thani College, Dusit Thani College has brought more than 100 students from 16 teams among 12 participating schools in DTC Young Chef Challenge 2023 to the workshop run by DTC instructors and professional chefs in the industry in order to strengthen their skills before the competition on this upcoming 22 July, 2023. 

The opening ceremony was held at Srinakarin Hall, Dusit Thani College Bangkok, with a welcome speech made by Dr. Atthawet Prougestaporn, Vice Rector of Academic and Faculty Affairs at Dusit Thani College. The morning session was a lecture by a DTC instructor about “Introduction to food safety and hygiene in the kitchen” as this is a fundamental knowledge that all chefs should know. It was before the students enjoying experimenting and learning about mixology and bartending.  

In the afternoon, the students were separated into groups to see the cooking demonstration of 3 dishes which were Main Course, Dessert, and Appetizer. The session was honoredly demonstrated by 3 professional chefs who willingly shared their knowledge and experience including Chef Palm – Sorawit Pongjakpanit from Gourmet & Cuisine Magazine, demonstrating Appetizer, Chef Park – Pattarawit Junthai, the founder of PAK Restaurant, demonstrating Main Course, and Chef Tien – Tienchai Perapongsaton from Top Chef Thailand, demonstrating Dessert. The last session was a lecture about “Gastronomy tourism, knowledge about ingredients, and the competition’s theme” 

These activities were just an “hors d’oeuvre” of DTC Young Chef Challenge 2023. Even an hors d’oeuvre was very fun like this, so how would the “Main Course” or the culinary competition be? For those who want to behold the competition or boost the competitors’ confidence, save the date to visit the competition for free at Srinakarin Hall, Dusit Thani College Bangkok on Srinakarin Road (next to Seacon Square Shopping Center), on this upcoming 22 July, 2023. 

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