Dusit Thani College signs MoU with Halal Samutprakarn, resonating the hospitality businesses without religious boundaries 

18 July 2023

The population of Muslims around the world has now exceeded 1,565 million or as large as a quarter of the world population. Pew Research Center, a significant research center in the US which specializes in collecting public opinions on sociology and religious topics, has anticipated that the number of Muslims worldwide will reach 2,200 million people within 2030. Currently, there are 49 countries that have Muslims as the major population, implying that they account for a big number in the world’s population. There is no surprise why each country designs more Muslim-friendly tourism elements following their needs and the behaviors, especially in accordance with Muslims’ strict obligations and restricted food.

Dusit Thani College, Thailand’s leading higher education specialized in hospitality industry under Dusit International, emphasizes the importance of this population both in the aspect of living harmonious college lives without religious boundaries among students, instructors, or staff and the facilities, meals, and learning methods which align with Muslims’ practices.

Recently, Dusit Thani College, led by Dean of Faculty of Hospitality Industry (National Programs) Asst.Prof. Dr.Tiwa Park, signed an academic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Halal Samutprakarn to exchange necessary knowledge for hospitality industry which covers tourism, hotel management, and food as well as to deeply understand the principle of Islamism. The objective of this MoU is to encourage learning hospitality industry knowledge and management which could benefit the students and surrounding communities in various dimensions such as an opportunity to experience professional trainings, a chance to work and develop professionally, project initiation and activities by students to provide community services, collaborative trainings and research projects. This will sharpen the skills of Dusit Thani College’s students both in Culinary Arts Program and Hotel Management Program to prepare for working in Muslim-oriented hospitality businesses. 

Mr.Paisarn Promyong, Chairperson of Halal Samutprakarn committee, said that he felt grateful for signing an MoU with Dusit Thani College. He also added that the college has actually had a close relationship with Halal Samutprakarn for a long time, geographically thanks to the neighboring location and collaboratively such as being a great support and consultant for the creation of Dusit Thani College’s Authentic Thai Cuisine-Halal: Dusit Thani College Standard Cookbook. This culinary guidebook, initiated by Dr. Pisarn Soydhurum, Education Consultant and Director of Center for the Promotion of Thai Cuisine, Dusit Thani College, is the first complete Halal cookbook in Thailand which is registered with a trademark by Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce.  

The Chairperson of Halal Samutprakarn committee also said that Halal – the manufacturing processes as well as services which are proceeded according to Islamic law – is currently the world’s agenda. It is not only for food but also for lifestyles. Samutprakarn is the province in Thailand with the greatest number of Halal, ranging from food, tourism, to transportation. The committee; therefore, is ready to share knowledge and experience to Dusit Thani College, the institution with readiness to build quality workers for hospitality industry.  

The Faculty of Hospitality Industry (National Programs) of Dusit Thani College and Halal Samutprakarn trust that the signing of MoU this time will benefit the society both in the aspects of hospitality industry and Muslim community. 

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