MBA program at Dusit Thani College joins hands with NIA, combining innovation knowledge with hospitality industry to improve businesses in the new era

25 January 2024

It is undeniable that “innovation”, defined by National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) as new concepts or inventions which are the results of profound knowledge and creativity that benefit the economy and the society, currently plays an important role in moving businesses forward. Due to volatile lifestyles, consumer behaviors, state of society, and environment, people need to apply innovation to solve problems, develop what’s already existed, and uplift satisfaction. Just like hospitality industry, from hotels to restaurants and other related businesses, they also rely on innovation both for front-end and back-end operations especially in this era that tourists are not only looking for relaxation but exclusive, unseen experience during their travel.

Therefore, Master of Business Administration Program at Dusit Thani College, Thailand’s leading educational institution in hospitality businesses under Dusit International, which offers 3 different concentrations including Innovative Entrepreneur, arranged an MoU signing ceremony announcing the collaboration with National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA and had Dr. Atthawet Prougestaporn, Acting Rector of Dusit Thani College, and Mr. Pariwat Wongsamran, Director of Entrepreneur and Enterprise at National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), represent the two counterparts. Dusit Thani College sees that students of Master of Business Administration Program’s Innovative Entrepreneur concentration need to be cultivated with innovative skills and knowledge by an organization that specializes in innovation, so there is no place other than NIA with regards to its missions to encourage the creation of national innovation system, provide opportunities to approach and utilize innovation infrastructure, and elevate innovation skills and competencies of the young generations, entrepreneurs, and SMEs.

Master of Business Administration Program’s Innovative Entrepreneur concentration at Dusit Thani College does not only develop students’ creativity and holistic skills needed for business administration, but also deepens their innovative skills to drive their business from product design, service design to the implementation of innovation for working procedure development. These bring modernity and success to the business. With this collaboration, NIA selects experienced executives from the industry to educate the students, exchanges profound knowledge, and gives the students opportunities to join various activities by NIA. All these privileges are limited only to students in this concentration.

 “Normal businesses can lead you to success, but innovative businesses can be the opportunities for their growth,” said Mr. Tae – Pariwat Wongsamran, one of the instructors in this concentration, during the talk session under the topic “Forging new entrepreneurs with innovative mindset” in the signing ceremony. “A good example is Tesla. Previously, it could not beat other global brands of automobiles. It was until they applied innovation in their business, their substantial growth has now brought them to the leading position in the world. Meanwhile, DTC current students and graduates are able to apply for NIA’s entrepreneurial sponsorship. Moreover, NIA also propels their businesses to Thai and international markets. Therefore, studying an MBA program here is not a pure education, but also an opportunity for the students to further what they have learned by requesting facilitation from NIA in the forms of financial supports or knowledge.”

Apart from the concentration of Innovative Entrepreneur, there are 2 more concentrations in Dusit Thani College’s Master of Business Administration Program including Hospitality Business Management and Gastronomy Business Management. No matter what concentration the student chooses, they are instilled and motivated to be profoundly skillful and specialized in their interested fields with the combination of knowledge and experience from both college instructors and external collaborated agencies like NIA.

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