Hotel Management Program, Dusit Thani College, arranges Hotel Management Showdown competing hotel service skills 

14 November 2023

To evaluate the learning outcome of students, there is no necessity to conduct the assessment in the form of serious examinations. The assessor can apply creativity to the evaluation activity design to build up new challenges and stimulate the students in a way that they can utilize all their competencies to the fullest. Likewise, Hotel Management Program of Dusit Thani College has changed the means of collecting final scores of the first-year students’ Inspiration to Hospitality Business Profession course into an astounding Hotel Management Showdown. 

This hotel service skills competition included the tests and evaluations of hotel management competencies in 4 categories – bed decoration for honeymoon guests, table arrangement with household tableware, creative mocktail mixology contest, and front office service provision and problem solving in English. Each team received different challenges before working in group to plan, manage time and roles, and execute while the judges from each mastery marked scores. 

Ajarn Jongjit Janjam, Hotel Management program instructor and Showdown organizer, said “Typically, an assessment on knowledge, skills, and attitudes of tourism professionals as well as hoteliers and other careers in hospitality industry can be conducted in several ways such as observation from role play situations, assignments, student practices, and so on. Therefore, the instructors from every course have designed the assessment in a way that focuses on practical activities since they show whether the students are able to use the knowledge learned as well as utilize it in a creative way. I and Ajarn Krissana Srithongna designed this evaluation in a form of a challenging competition as to increase students’ engagement, activate teamworking, and inspire students to showcase their hotel service skills as much as they can. The evaluation follows the standards of ASEAN tourism professional competencies as well in order to measure the students’ skills at an international level.” 

The atmosphere of the showdown was full of excitement and creative ideas, from the challenges to decorate honeymoon suites for LGBTQ+ couples, table arrangement with household tableware following international standards, creation of beverages in their own styles to a simulation of unexpected situations at the front office which need to be handled in English. These activities showed the capabilities of students in teamworking, devotion, and proficiency under Dusit Thani College’s international standards.  

Dusit Thani College opens the opportunity for students as well as instructors to participate in unique learning experiences with creativity which comply to the current situation in hospitality industry as the goal of education is to allow learners to implement knowledge and skills appropriately in the real practices. 

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