Dusit Thani College arranges “DTC Growing to the Next Level”, underlining the recovery of hospitality industry 

24 July 2023

After the relief of Covid-19 pandemic, the return of global tourism has been on the rise again. Just like in Thailand, there has been such a constant increase of Thai and international travelers since the beginning of 2023 that now reached the number of 30 million. A factor which partly contributes to this growth is the People’s Republic of China’s country reopening because Chinese tourists, the main target of Thailand’s tourism industry, have gradually visited the country. Siam Commercial Bank Economic Intelligence Center (SCB EIC) has estimated that the return of hotels and other hospitality businesses will recover to the point before Covid-19 within the end of year 2024.  

Despite the promising anticipated figures and statistics, it does not help regain trust of some groups of people in the industry. Therefore, Dusit Thani College, the specialized educational institution in hospitality businesses under Dusit International, has held a “DTC Growing to the Next Level” event to highlight the fact that hospitality industry in Thailand and worldwide is reaching the normality before Covid-19. There were more than 100 guidance teachers all over the country invited to join this event and experience a college tour as well as a culinary workshop with the instructors. This is to let the visitors see how the college develops the future of hospitality industry with quality and care. Moreover, Khun Suphajee Suthumpun, Group Chief Executive Officer of Thailand’s leading hotel chain which operates in all continents in the world Dusit International, was invited to give a speech in CEO Talk session under the topic “Winning the Future of Thai Hospitality” as she is an expert and a leader in hospitality industry. 

Khun Suphajee said that almost all continents in the world are recovering from Covid-19 to the normal stage prior to the pandemic. The Middle East is the first region in the world which has fully been recovered, while Asia-Pacific poses a slower recovery compared to other regions regarding the significant closure of China’s international travels. However, the economic direction of tourism tends to improve after the country’s reopening. Meanwhile, the challenges that hotels and other hospitality businesses have to face are the ability to respond to specific needs of tourists in various groups such as health-driven tourists, sustainable tourists, adventure-oriented tourists, etc. and the shortage of workers because of Covid-19. As a consequence, it is necessary to develop more workers for hospitality industry. Moreover, Thailand’s unique Soft Power like Thai food and Thai hospitality could be a tool to boost tourism.   

While Ms. Frouke Gerbens, Rector of Dusit Thani College, gave a welcome speech to guidance teachers from all over the country that guidance teachers play an important role in counseling students about their future. She added that Hotel Management and Culinary Arts Programs can be important choices for students to step forward in higher education with 3 reasons – a wide range of career opportunities, possibilities to work overseas, and being transferrable skills. The field of hospitality is also attractive as tourism and hospitality industry accounts for 22% of Thailand’s GDP before Covid-19, which means the it is a major sector that runs Thailand’s economy. Hospitality education also becomes an interesting alternative considering the challenging and proactive nature of the career with a variety of opportunities and possibilities to grow. 

Dusit Thani College wishes that the “DTC Growing to the Next Level” event will not only illustrate the current situation of hospitality industry, which is turning its head to a positive direction, but also enable the guidance teachers – the crucial role which directs students to the right future – to see an importance of education in hotel management and culinary arts to the country’s economy.  

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