Dusit Thani College “joins hands to win” in the competition “Gourmet & Cuisine Young Chef 2022”

16 September 2022

Public Relations Dept. Dusit Thani College

Dusit Thani College, a leading private higher education in hospitality business under Dusit International, won various awards from “Gourmet & Cuisine Young Chef 2022” competition for higher education level under the concept of “Thai Fusion Food”. The competition was seeking for talented young chefs of new generations tofulfill the food industry in Thailand and to pave their way to success as professional chefs. This was also in line with the demands of new generations that want to own their business while online delivery market has continued to grow. There were 10 finalist teams from 6 educational institutions competing the last challenge at Suan Dusit International Culinary Center, School of Culinary Arts, Suan Dusit University.  

Dusit Thani College sent student representatives from Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management Program and Professional Culinary Arts International Program to the competition. The award winners were as follow: 

 DTC Team, winning the 2nd runner-up award (bronze medal)  

  1. Ms. Nithikarn Paothuey 
  2. Mr. Karn Thipsuri 

Team SideStreet, winning the consolation award 

  1. Ms. Wichita Takhamthaing  
  2. Mr. Jirapirom Chaiya 

Team Piakpoon and The Gang, Pattaya Campus, winning the consolation award 

  1. Mr. Kasidith Punnapanich 
  2. Ms. Noramon Yooyuen 

Team SISTER, winning Popular Vote award 

  1. Ms. Sirapatsorn Porkaew 
  2. Ms. Ladapha Singthong 

Competition support student 

  1. Mr. Noppawat Thublorm 

 Practice supervising instructors 

  1. Chef Pu Jatuporn Juengmeesuk 
  2. Ajarn Nuttawut Jankeaw 
  3. Ajarn Jaturapon Charoenying 

Dusit Thani College is ready to support and encourage students for joining all ranges of competitions such as cooking, dessert making, flower arrangement, and food and beverage services both in national and international levels. The college has been participating in many competitions so far to “make professions by professionals”, giving students the first step to be professionally successful in the future.  

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