Kickstart the route to become a professional bartender with “The First Step To Be Bartender 2023” 

01 November 2023

If we think about cool career opportunities in a hotel that many teenagers may dream of, there must be a “bartender” included in the list.  

Therefore, Bartender and Hotelier Club (BHC) at Dusit Thani College, Thailand’s leading higher education in hospitality businesses under Dusit International, has recently organized “The First Step to Be Bartender 2023” activity at Bartending Practical Room, Dusit Thani College Bangkok. With an experience sharing session from Ajarn Duangkamol Sukmongkol, Hotel Management Program Instructor, the activity aims to build up knowledge, skills, and understanding of bartending profession in participating students. 

Not only joy that the participants have gained from this experience, but they were also inspired to be able to develop these skills and implement them in their work to make a living in the future. They were exposed to laws and regulations about drinking as well as the necessity of responsible drinking. Furthermore, this reinforced participation of students in the club’s activities and the relationship among members. 

Definitely, the event is like the first step for students to understand themselves whether bartending suits their passion, resembling the first step of their future planning. 

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