DTC Pattaya organizes an e-Sport competition to reinforce leadership, problem solving, and distraction from drugs

19 October 2023

Dusit Thani College Pattaya Campus’s Sports and Recreation Club has recently organized an e-Sport (ROV) competition which did not only attract many students to apply for and team up into 7 teams (5-7 competitors per team), but also captivated DTC students of all years and staff. The organizers set up a giant screen for spectators to witness, cheer up, and support the competitors in real time which created a joyful atmosphere.  

Nowadays, an online sport competition, as known as e-Sport, is globally recognized as a type of sport activity. In 2018, the Professional Sports Commission included e-Sport in the list of professional sports which means athletes can play this sport as an occupation. Therefore, this competition is not only an entertainment for students, but also an opportunity to give them more understanding about e-Sport. Moreover, like other sports, e-Sport builds up many skills in the players such as leadership and problem solving. It also reinforces harmony, friendship, and teamwork as well as, importantly, distracts the students from drugs by spending their time beneficially. 

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