“Add eccentric skills to prepare for being the college representatives” DTC’s Public Relations Department conducts a personality development workshop for DTCYA students 

21 February 2023


DTC Young Ambassadors (DTCYA) are the representatives of Dusit Thani College, a higher educational institute in hotel management, culinary arts, and hospitality under Dusit International, to participate in activities as well as welcome guests to a college tour, so their personalities play an important part in building first impression among people. Therefore, Public Relations Department of Dusit Thani College, the initiative of DTC Young Ambassador Project, held a workshop under the topic “Create Image & Upgrade Personality” exclusively for the selected DTCYA students. 

This workshop aimed to add eccentric skills for students in the latest DTCYA Season 3 Project which concluded in December 2022. Those who passed the selection processes were equipped with fundamental appropriate personality, the quality of being outspoken, the ability to think outside the box, creativity, and sharp aptitude. The key qualifications for students to be chosen as ambassadors are positive attitude and dedication to assisting in college-related activities such as being the college tour guides, working in socially responsible projects, and so on. Good personality is the very first qualification to be developed, so Public Relations Department of Dusit Thani College invited Khun Ong – Natdanai Wattanapanitch and Khun Pui – Chanticha Chantaraswasdi, personality experts and long-service flight attendants at Thai Airways, to educate students about this topic. The workshop included walking, sitting, greeting by Wai, posing, and tricks for making conversations to impress first-met people.

“This is another enjoying and fulfilling class”, said Khun Ong to DTCYA students as a compliment. He is not only a speaker, but also a master degree student at Dusit Thani College. “All DTCYA students were very nice, focused, and eager to learn new things. They put their efforts in practicing along this workshop from the start to the end. Gladly, they were very fast learners as they had basic skills and professionalism about the topic, reflecting that the instructors and those involved placed importance in developing these skills. If I and Khun Pui have more chances to work with qualified DTC students and staff, we will absolutely say yes.” 

This is the third year of DTC Young Ambassador Project continuously working hard to find outstanding representatives for the college and good samples for other students. The college hopes that the students who become DTCYA will not only help achieve the college affairs, but also learn from experience to be valued assets of the society in the future. 

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