“9 students, 9 inspirations” Dusit Thani College students go on stage for speeches in Thailand Tourism Forum

23 January 2023

Thailand Tourism Forum 2023, the hugest event in post-pandemic era that gathered many key people in Thailand’s tourism and hospitality industry including hotel directors, tourism and hospitality marketers, and startups together, was recently held at Conrad Bangkok Hotel. In the forum, there were business pitchs by 5 startups as well as knowledge exchange sessions that significantly promote development in the industry and prepare readiness for future tourist satisfaction. Moreover, the event gave rooms for new generations in tourism and hospitality industry to express their ideas and points of view on stage in ‘Bang Bang Session’.

Dusit Thani College, the first higher education institute in Thailand devoting to giving knowledge and specialty in tourism and hospitality industry under Dusit International, was honored to have 9 students give English speeches in ‘Bang Bang Session’ this year, which has been the third year of the college. The students are the representatives of each bachelor program in the college e.g. Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management Program, Hotel Management Program, Tourism Service Innovation Program, Professional Culinary Arts Program (International Program), and Hospitality Management Program (International Program). They expressed their inspirations how they stepped into this industry. 

The list below shows the names of students who gave speeches in ‘Bang Bang Session’ in order. 

1. Ms. Onsiriwan Aupala, 2nd year student from Tourism Service Innovation Program  

2. Ms. Thet Hnin Ko Ko, 1st year student from Hospitality Management Program (International Program) 

3. Ms. Jenjira Maya, 3rd year student from Hotel Management Program  

4. Ms. Richa Chaubey, 2nd year student from Professional Culinary Arts Program (International Program)  

5. Ms. Chonnaporn Tipatueng, 2nd year student from Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management Program  

6. Mr. Thanawat Chaophatcharathavekij, 2nd year student from Professional Culinary Arts Program (International Program) 

7. Mr. Ratchapon Sappaiboon, 1st year student from Hospitality Management Program (International Program) 

8. Ms. Holly Thofan Mackay, 2nd year student from Professional Culinary Arts Program (International Program) and  

9. Mr. Heng Meng, 1st year student from Hospitality Management Program (International Program) 

One of the impressive inspirations was from Mr. Thanawat Chaophatcharathavekij whose speech covered the main idea that he started his interest in food from his family. Because his big family has diverse interests in food and he has traveled to many countries with distinctive flavors of food, Thanawat feels that food is another international language connecting people around the world. Therefore, he would like to learn this language deeply and try to create innovations for the industry with no limits. 

What’s special for this ‘Bang Bang Session’ is there were 2 international students giving their inspirations toward tourism and hospitality industry – Ms. Thet Hnin Ko Ko from Myanmar and Mr. Heng Meng from Cambodia. They underlined the fact that identity of Thailand’s services full of friendliness and smiles has touched the hearts of people around the world. The quality of knowledge in this field from Dusit Thani College as well as tourism and hospitality industry in Thailand also assures many international students to study about these areas in its original country.  

Dusit Thani College is dedicated to giving hospitality knowledge and spirits to develop tourism and hospitality industry in Thailand for the future and hope of tourism center of Southeast Asia. One of the missions of the college is internationalization which is to create readiness in students for world community and competitiveness of Thailand’s tourism and hospitality industry in the global battlefield. 

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