Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I pay for my tuition fees? 

  • By cash: at Financial Department, Dusit Thani College 
  • By money transfer: to an account named “Dusit Thani College (วิทยาลัยดุสิตธานี)" of these following banks 
    • Bangkok Bank, Pattanakarn Branch (Savings), Account number 198-0-85294-9 
    • Kasikorn Bank, Seacon Square Branch (Savings) Account number 095-2-48283-1 
  • By credit card: there are 2 options 
    • Visit Financial Department, Dusit Thani College for a swipe 
    • Submit Letter of Consent for Credit Card Payment and a copy of your credit card (both sides) to responsible officer for further processes 

**Contact Financial Department, Dusit Thani College at the 1st floor of Building 1, Monday-Friday, 8.30-16.30 hrs. except national holidays** 

The installment is available for those who pay by credit card. The conditions are as follows: 

  • The payment is made through the credit card of Bangkok Bank or Kasikorn Bank at the college. 
  • 3-month installment is available for a purchase between 4,900 – 49,999 THB 
  • 3-to-6-month installment is available for a purchase between 50,000 – 99,999 THB 
  • 3-to-10-month installment is available for a purchase at 100,000 THB and above

For payment by money transfer, please prepare these following documents 

  • Application form 
  • Copy of ID card 
  • Pay slip or Letter of Consent for Credit Card Payment 
  • Submit the documents to E-mail: publicprograms@dtc.ac.th or responsible officer 

To issue a receipt in the name of the company, please submit The Certificate of Value Added Tax registration (Form Por.Por.20) together with your application form. 

Dusit Thani College is exempted from 3% withholding tax following Section 39 of Thailand Revenue Code.  

Normally, all customers will receive their receipts at the day of the class. If you need it before that, please inform our officer to send it by post. 

  • If you are not able to join the class, please write to the college at least 10 days prior to the class. The college reserves the right to deduct 50% of the fee for all preparations. 
  • In case a written cancellation is submitted to the college within 10 days before or during the class, the college reserves the right not to refund at any case. 
  • If there is any changes in each course, the college will return only the training fees.  
  • A written cancellation 
  • A copy of bank account for a refund 
  • A receipt (in case received in advance) 
  1. How much arethe fees for Hospitality Access Programs in Western-Thai Cuisine and Bakery and Pastry?
  • HAP courses with internship program will be divided into 2-month theoretical and practical trainings at Dusit Thani College, 5-6 days/week, and 3-month internship at a standard hotel, 6 days/week, 8-9 hours/day. 
  • HAP courses without internship program will be only 2-month theoretical and practical trainings at Dusit Thani College, 5-6 days/week.  

 2. When will the courses start?

  • You will be notified 1 month prior to the start of each course. 

 3. What are the conditions of application?

  • The participants must be at the age of 20-34 for internship programs and 20-50 for non-internship programs 
  • Complete grade 12 or higher 
  • Pass a medical checkup with the form of Dusit Thani College 
  • GPAX 2.00 or above 
  • Have determination to learn and comply with the college’s rules and regulations 
  • No hair dyeing and noticeable tattoos 

 4. Do I need to have previous cooking experience?

  • No. You can gain it in the courses. 

 5. What will be learned at the college?

Theoretical and practical trainings are as follows: 


  • Knowledge about food products 
  • Hygiene and safety in the workplace 
  • Menu designation and planning and budget control 


  • Western cuisine 
  • Thai cuisine 
  • Fruit and vegetable carving 

 6. Which hotels are available for my internship?

  • Hotels under Dusit International and other 3-to-5-star hotels in Bangkok and other cities 

 7. Can I choose a hotel for my internship out of the college’s list?

  • You are not able to choose an internship hotel yourself. It must be only from the college’s list. 

 8. Will there be an allowance for my internship?

  • This is subject to each hotel’s policy. 

 9. What will I do during my internship?Can I select the department / section for internship?

  • Your internship department / section will depend on your program, i.e. Thai kitchen, Western kitchen, hot kitchen, cold kitchen. You are not allowed to go across your program. The details of your training will be announced by your supervisor.  

 10. What arethe criteria for passing this program?

  • Passing theoretical and practical exams 
  • More than 80% course attendance 
  • Surpassing 600-hour field training 

 11. What will I receive after graduation?

  • A certificate for those who complete all courses 
  • A course certification document for those who do not pass the exams or internship 

 12. Will I get a job after completing this program?

  • This depends on your internship hotel’s consideration. The college does not have a career development policy. 

 13. Whatcan I do if I do not pass exams?

  • You have one more chance to retake each exam, 600 THB per an attempt. 
  1. How much is it for this program?
  • Tuition fees 79,900 THB, including learning materials, snacks, lunches, and 2 field trips to sample restaurants in Bangkok. 


  1. When and how long is this program?
  • Duration of training: 1 month and a half 
  • Training on Saturdays and Sundays 


  1. If I do not have knowledge about restaurant management, can I study in this program?
  • Yes, you can. Executive Program Restaurant Management for Startups provides all related necessary information for beginners, from location seeking to details of each section. 


  1. Can I be absent from the training? How many times does the program allow?
  • You can be absent from the training 2 times or 80% of the program. 


  1. Do I need to have cooking experience?
  • Not necessary, since the program focuses on building management skills as an entrepreneur 


  1. Can I not join field trips to sample restaurants? Is it considered an absence?
  • Missing field trips is not considered an absence; however, the costs for domestic field trips are not refundable at any case. A representative is allowed to attend in your stead. If there are more followers, charges will be collected per each one. 


  1. Will I get a certificate after I complete the training?
  • If an attendee passes all criteria of the training, one will receive a certificate from Executive Program Restaurant Management  for Startups, issued by Dusit Thani College 


  1. Where is the training venue?
  • Dusit Princess Srinakarin Hotel, next to Seacon Square Shopping Center Srinakarin


  1. Is the training theoretical or workshop-based?
  • Most of the trainings are workshop-based working in groups. There are also theoretical learnings in some subjects. 


  1. Where do the attendees come from?
  • They are from all over the country. Most of them want to own a restaurant in short or long term. There are also those who already own ones and want to learn standardized restaurant management. 
  1. Can I use a spa certificate to apply for a spa manager examination?
  • No. It needs more training hours following the criteria of Department of Health Service Support. 


  1. Accommodations around Dusit Thani College
  • Dusit Princess Srinakarin Hotel 
  • De Botan Srinakharin 
  • Mii Hotel Srinakarin 


  1. If I do not have knowledge about restaurant management, can I study in this program?
  • Study via Microsoft Teams 


  1. What will I study in operational and managerial housekeeping programs?
  • In an operational housekeeping program, you will learn how to make beds, clean windows, clean carpets with a vacuum cleaner, and introduce cleaning chemicals.  
  • In a managerial housekeeping program, you will learn quality checking processes following a cleaning checklist. 
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