Beauty is not enough for beauty pageants in this century, “Jan – Peththea Charoenbanditchai” the second runner up of Miss Grand Nakhon Pathom

15 February 2022

“If anyone sees that beauty pageants have only beauty, change your mind.”

This is an answer from Jan – Peththea Charoenbanditchai, a first-year student from Dusit Thani College’s Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management Program. She won the second runner up of Miss Grand Nakhon Pathom and is a DTC Young Ambassador of Dusit Thani College. We asked her what she thinks of the quote “beauty is enough for beauty pageants” and this is her opinion: 

“Beauty pageants must be patient, persevering, and promoting their beauty,” said Jan to emphasize the definition of “beauty pageants” in her view. “Beauty in my thought means that the holders must be flawless, impeccable, attractive, and perfect in others’ perception, both physically and mentally. Therefore, hard practice and additional learning are needed as being perfect is very difficult. Beauty pageants in this century do not need only beauty, but also consciousness, knowledge, abilities, and industriousness. Stepping into this circle means that we are now public figures, so we should be a good role model for the society and the young generations.”

         Beauty contest is like studying in a campus. There are more to learn and practice in order to strive to achieve a degree.

“Participating in a beauty pageant contest has taught a lot to me, whether it’s walking, sitting, speaking, or posing. The most important thing is personality. I am a shy person, so it is necessary for me to train very hard about confidence. I have to learn and practice how to remove shyness and be confident when stepping on stage because confidence will drive us to express with courage and encourage us to be ready for the first place. That’s why I have to be diligent, patient, open to all sources of knowledge, and disciplined. It is like studying that needs diligence and patience. Even I am tired or have a lot of obstacles, I have to be determined and surpass this as I aim to achieve a degree and make my family proud.”

          As she mentioned that she was a shy person, this led to the curiosity why she was brave to go on stage. Did she use fear as a tool to develop her bravery? This contrast is the answer for her to surpass fear. 

“Actually, I was really shy and bashful, but I unexpectedly reached the 10-finalist round. I consulted with my family whether I should carry on or not. My mother said it was once in a lifetime, so I should try my best. I realized if I could do this and dare to join the contest, that was a move to overcome my fear. The result was I won the second runner-up. It was the proudest reward of my life because it changed a shy kid into a brave one who could stand on the national stage.”

Apart from being stamped that a beauty pageant needs only beauty, Jan has also met a judgement that she values appearance more than the inner virtue. 

“I think each value is of individual, like identity. We have different, identical beauty in our own version. Seeing people from their appearance doesn’t mean anything. Ones might have hidden talents far beyond their appearance like knowledge and skills. On the other hand, those who have good appearance might possess the contrary behaviors. Beauty must be portrayed from inside to outside.” 

           What Jan also learned from joining this beauty contest is that being “the winner” might not be the answer of the contest, especially when it comes to be a winner without being ready. 

“I didn’t regret not winning the first place as I was so young at that time. I was just 18 and studied in a high school. I didn’t even know much well, so I must develop myself and learn much more. I think readiness is radical, not only for beauty pageant contests, but also for studies and living. Readiness is a compass to lead the way of life.”

           Finally, Jan emphasized that being a beauty pageant is not easy or only uses beauty, but it is not difficult if we are determined.

“For anyone who wants to be a beauty pageant or work in this field, readiness, determination, and diligence are important. I believe that when we have all these elements, it will result in impeccable perfection.”

Readiness is the most important element in whatever you do. Like Jan, she spends her time in DTC campus to harvest knowledge, skills, and experience in order to perfect herself and be a “beauty” with charisma, knowledge, abilities, and good attitudes. In the future, if Jan is more ready, she might go back on stage again and shine. 



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