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Cafeteria Courses


This course will prepare you to be a professional bartender. You will learn from basic knowledge about different types of alcohol drinks and know how to differentiate alcohol drinks by their aromas and flavors, as well as learn how to mix mocktail and cocktail, and to systematically manage your drink bar.

24,900.00 ฿

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Want to run your own coffee shop is not difficult. Join this professional Barita and Coffee House Management Course to know how.   

10,400.00 ฿

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You will learn how to make more than 20 drink menus including hot and cold coffee, tea and milk drinks and can immediately open your coffee shop. 

7,900.00 ฿

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2 in 1 course that teaches you how to be a barista and an owner of a coffee shop at the same time. This course offers basic knowledge, from the origin of coffee beans, how to make hot and cold coffee drinks to how to make other kind of drinks.

10,400.00 ฿

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