5 Possible work fields after graduating from Hotel Management, Dusit Thani College

30 October 2023

What is your dream job?

Of course, each person has different needs, but if your desire is to meet new things each day, meet a lot of people, have fun communicating using foreign languages, and have a passion for service work, the hospitality industry will undoubtedly fit you well!

As tourism is one of the main industries in Thailand, professional people in the hotel industry are always in demand and the business will continue to grow. So, if you want to be a hotel professional, you therefore need to learn with experts in this field like Dusit Thani College, which is in a nationally renowned hotel chain with more than 40 years of experience.

Our strengths are not only expertise and a lot of experience, but still a place where we give students the opportunity to practice on the job, learn with the professionals, and provide support positions after graduation.

See what career paths in hospitality are waiting for you:

1. Service Business

Being a business owner is always a dream of many people because they want to be their own boss. In this era, becoming an entrepreneur is no longer hard anymore. The next question is, how interesting is the service business?

Each year, the number of tourists keeps increasing which means that accommodation is in high demand. Different types of people have different preferences, therefore, hotels, hostels, and other rooms have sprung up in order to meet a variety of demands. Not only is it the accommodation that is in need, but also restaurants and beverage stores which are all growing to accommodate an increasing number of tourists.

This is a challenging opportunity for new entrepreneurs to use their creativity to draw out the strengths of the business. Apprenticeship in real working environments is another important process that helps sharpen the mindset of learners as well.

Interesting career examples: Hotel related work, such as the owner of a hotel, hostel, etc. Food and beverage related businesses, such as restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, cafes, and others.

2. Hotel Management

Nowadays, the hotel business market share is continuously expanding, the number of hotels and rooms are still increasing to accommodate incoming tourists. Therefore, the role of management is crucial to the hotel business as they need to manage and make sure the business is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Definitely, managers who are good at managing both work and people will become very much in demand in the hotel industry.

This career path is interesting because of the opportunity to work either in independent hotels or chain hotels which provide high returns and good welfare. People who are looking for a secure career with advancement, this work field is the right answer for you. Nevertheless, there are key qualifications for this position as well which are high responsibility, patience, work experience, and able to plan various operations.

Interesting job positions: Hotel manager, General manager, Business administration manager, etc.

3. Tourism

If you love traveling, tourism is one of the options that will definitely suit you. The tourism industry is one of the hottest businesses to keep an eye on and is currently expanding into the online world, making it grow faster. As the tourism industry grows so does its high competition, there are many other industries that will benefit accordingly. Moreover, it also creates jobs and generates income for the country the tourists visit.

This work field is for those who do not like to stand still, but love to explore new trends, and have the ability to adapt to change easily. At Dusit Thani College, we have a teaching method that encourages learners to practice the thinking process by solving many types of problems.

Interesting career examples: Tourism business operators, such as tour businesses, travel agencies or positions in tour companies, like tour program managers.

4. International Coordinator

This is another field where you will have the opportunity to work in a large and reputable organization. It can be seen that at present, both public and private companies have a specific department that has to deal with other countries. Therefore, communication is at the heart of this field. So, if you are good at English or other foreign languages ​​such as Chinese or Japanese, it is a great advantage

Interesting career examples: Export-Import Businesses, civil servant in foreign department, and etc.

5. Other Occupations

Are there still other jobs related to the hotel? In fact, the knowledge of hospitality can be applied to all types of service businesses and careers.

Some people may want a career that meets the lifestyle. Many of the new generations only work on the thing that they are passionate about. They want to set up their own working schedule or can work from anywhere. You can apply hotel knowledge to your own career path, whether it is communication or service because the most important thing is the thinking process you will have learned from the course.

Interesting career examples: Freelance, foods and attractions reviewer, columnist, blogger, and others.


It can be seen that studying in the hotel industry can be extended to many areas of careers related to all service types such as tourism, hotels, airlines, etc. It can also be applied in other areas of work, including freelance, writers, reviewers, columnists and more. Therefore, not only will students learn what they like, but also have many available career paths after graduation.

What students will get from Dusit Thani College is the knowledge and experience that they will take with them for the rest of their lives regardless of their profession. The long road to the future from Dusit Thani College allows you to walk further.




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