Dusit Thani College signs MOU with Protocol Today and The Diplomat Network to upskill service to an international level

25 March 2024

On 22nd March 2024, Dusit Thani College, a leading institution in the field of hospitality business education under Dusit International, dedicated to internationalization led by Dr. Praweena Kasai, Vice Rector of Student Affairs, signed a memorandum of understanding with two organizations: Protocol Today, specializing in international protocol and international business cooperation, and The Diplomat Network, experts in conducting international activities, diplomacy and meticulously caring for VIP guests with global service skills. The objective is for all three organizations to exchange and mutually benefits from learning skills and valuable experiences. Additionally, this opens opportunities for Dusit Thani College students to train in soft skills and communication skills, fostering their development into quality personnel for the service industry at both national and international levels.

“Understanding the rules of protocol is crucial in the luxury service industry,” said Mr. Simon David Lloyd, Dean of Hospitality Management, Dusit Thani College. “In particular, understanding the expectations of VIPs from around the world will be a vital skillset for future entrepreneurs and workers in the hotel and service industries, helping them elevate the level of service within their hotels. We must acknowledge that in today’s world, where formality is being reduced in daily life, there are a limited number of opportunities for learning or even witnessing the diplomatic proceedings. With this collaboration, Dusit Thani College hopes to provide students with these essential skills and differentiate them from other service-oriented graduates.”

Ms. Adriana Flores, MA Executive Director of Protocol Today The Netherlands added, Globalization is changing the world in all aspects. Traditional industrial economies are transforming into entrepreneurial economies. Leaders and students must develop the global-minded skills necessary to create, maintain, and manage deep relationships with people of different cultures and values. This requires strong soft and hard skills. The important collaboration between Dusit Thani College, The Diplomat Network and ProtocolToday Holland, a leading company in Global Mindset, is committed to uniting national and international collaboration in high-impact events and training, taking care of the image of entrepreneurs and companies. and the Country, generating the desired positive impact. “We will be connecting values, cultures, organizations and individuals world.”

Concluding the recent collaboration event, Mr. Phanthachak Wongprecha, CEO & Founder of The Diplomat Network, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Today’s collaboration marks a new chapter in private sector engagement between our two countries, combined with leading academic institutions in hospitality like Dusit Thani College. This partnership will contribute to the global knowledge exchange, training, and development of leaders from both nations. It signifies a paradigm shift in event management practices, emphasizing the importance of internationally standardized protocols and diplomatic principles to ensure events are conducted with precision, dignity, and utmost security.” The rapidly changing global landscape necessitates a focus on adapting to new challenges swiftly. Therefore, the emphasis on soft skills training becomes paramount. Providing opportunities for the younger generation to learn skills not typically taught in traditional classrooms is crucial.

The insights gained from experts representing the three organizations involved in today’s signing ceremony will serve as a catalyst for building a competent protocol army capable of handling any situation and transforming local citizens into global citizens seamlessly and effectively.

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