Dusit Thani College launches a new MBA program in Gastronomy Business Management, the first in Thailand covering all dimensions of food industry

27 July 2022

Dusit Thani College organized “The Next Chapter of DTC MBA” Level Up Your Success event, launching the latest Master of Business Administration (MBA) program’s concentration on Gastronomy Business Management. This is the first time in Thailand for a Master program that covers knowledge from entire industry with mixture of various sciences and arts necessary for food and beverage businesses in national and international level. With focuses on practical usage and implementation in the current situation of the food industry, the curriculum musters many experts in Thailand’s food and hospitality industry to pass on their culminating 

Miss Frouke Gerbens, Rector of Dusit Thani College, states that the college has been a Thailand’s leading higher education in hospitality; therefore, it is dedicated to serving the mixture of knowledge and experience from its mothership Dusit International that has been concentrated for 29 years with the up-to-date information. Just like our Bachelor programs, Dusit Thani College’s MBA curriculum never stops developing itself and achieves launching the concentration of Gastronomy Business Management.

“Food is one of the key factors for our survival. Humans require food every day, unlike other factors that could be used occasionally. Moreover, the spread of Covid-19 has made it clear that food businesses have got the potential to grow as they continue to flourish during the pandemic while other businesses are drastically affected. Dusit Thani College, with devotion to sharpening human resources in line with the demands of regional and international hospitality industry, is determined to develop the curricula which educate students to run their businesses or work responsibly to the society, optimizing the use of resources. The curricula are also designed following the latest trend of the changing world. We expect that our new concentration will push the students further, create resilience to survive every crisis, and sustainably strengthen tourism and hospitality industry.”

Dr. Wilasinee Yonwikai, Dean for National Programs of Dusit Thani College, added that “This curricular is the first in Thailand which emphasizes on Gastronomy Business Management directly, not just food or dishes. If we compare all marketing and business administration curricula in the market, we will find that specialized programs for food businesses are very rare both in Thailand and international level. Dusit Thani College which has long been recognized for expertise in this fields and got wide ranges of connections in food business is inspired to create this concentration to meet the needs of those who graduated from the related fields and those who have passions in food business but lack culinary fundamentals. This is to create business administration skills that achieve success.”

In this event, Mr. Siradej Donavanik, Vice President of Hotel Business Development at Dusit Thani Public Company Limited and Managing Director of Asai Hotels, gave his talk under the topic “The Next Chapter of Career Opportunities in Food Industry and Business Trends”. He said Dusit Thani Hotel placed a big focus on sustainability and all subsidiaries were soon to support organic products directly from the farmers. This not only minimizes the middleman issues and improves the farmers’ quality of life, but also follows the world’s sustainable direction. To open the new concentration of Dusit Thani College’s MBA program will educate students to realize more on sustainability and drive Thailand to the front of the world’s hospitality industry with high competency to compete with other countries.

There was also a session run under the topic “Opportunities of food businesses: when an army marches on its stomach” by Chef Chumpol Jangprai – one of the curriculum critics, Chef Toei – Patcha KalyanamitrDusit Thani College alumnus and competitor of MasterChef Thailand Season 3, and Khun Thanaporn Kosithchaiwat – Managing Director of G Hua Hin Resort and Mall.  They shared their point of views, opportunities, and the direction of growth in food businesses that even we faced the Covid-19 transmission crisis, food businesses always had potentials to grow as long as an army still marched on its stomach. The event concluded with the updates of the other 2 MBA program’s concentrations of Dusit Thani College – Hospitality Business Management concentration and Innovative Entrepreneur concentration – which were revised in 2022.

Dusit Thani College believes that the new Master of Business Administration (MBA) program’s concentration on Gastronomy Business Management will cultivate success and superiority in students of all roles, from entrepreneurs to chefs, food stylists, culinary instructors, or other related paths.

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