Dusit Thani College interests China, escorting representatives from Tsinghua University and Lifestyle Magazine during campus visit 

07 December 2023

Dusit Thani College, Thailand’s leading educational institution in hospitality businesses under Dusit International, has recently welcomed a group of delegates led by Mr. Richard Fu, Representative of Lifestyle Magazine China, and Mr. Liu Shuwen, Chairman of Quanzhou Catering & Cooking Industry Association, together with their colleagues on the occasion of their visitation to experience the college education. 

The delegates were a group of F&B entrepreneurs from China who were also alumni of Tsinghua University and Catering Industry, and CEO of a Michelin-Starred Restaurant. As the group was especially interested in Thai culinary businesses, the purpose of this visit was to learn more about Dusit Thani College as an expert in culinary entrepreneur cultivation, exchange information regarding culinary business trends and industry, as well as explore about Thai culinary courses delivered at the college by our talented chef instructors. Both parties have also prepared cultural heritage handicraft lacquerware for a gift exchange session. In the afternoon, Dusit Thani College invited the delegates to observe Thai culinary class, and they expressed their excitement and enjoyment as they tasted the delicious Khao Chae, a royal Thai cuisine. 

This visitation of delegates from Tsinghua University is a great opportunity for Dusit Thani College to reflect its strengths and global recognition in culinary business education and seek more potential collaborations with the delegates in the future. 

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