“Sustainable Future” kicks off at MENA Climate Week 2023, Saudi Arabia

31 October 2023

Undertaking a degree in Professional Culinary Arts at Dusit Thani College helps to propel you towards a greener future through our tutorage and the college’s waste management policies. Furthermore, with my personal interest in sustainability, I hope to one day leave an impact on today’s society with my action. 

This is why I had chosen to participate in ‘MENA Climate Week 2023’ during my time here at Dusit Thani College. This was where I learnt about Saudi Arabia and their vision for the future. Saudi Vision 2030 is something that I resonate deeply with, from economic, social and cultural diversification to their aim to reduce the world reliance on fossil fuel and to strive for a cleaner form of energy. As King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud states that “My first objective is for our country to be a pioneering and successful global model of excellence, on all fronts, and I will work with you to achieve that.” I believe that Saudi Vision is an ambitious blueprint for the future of Saudi Arabia, a vision will also serve as an example and inspire many other nations to follow. Saudi Vision 2030 is something that I am anticipating to be fulfilled. 

So, I decided to take a leap of faith and kept an open mind, not knowing what to expect. To my surprise, we were greeted with the warmest hospitality one could ask for and this trip will forever be enthralled in my mind. 

My key takeaway from this trip would be the experience in being able to sit in and share my experience and personal point of view at the Youth Forum in creating An Environmental Advocacy Plan. I was able to express my views on waste management at Dusit Thani College and was able to propose my own view on what should be done to minimize kitchen waste. I believe that every individual has an impact on the environment, no matter how minute the task may seem. I was also able to listen to the prospect and advocacy plans of youths from many other countries, such as the access to electricity and clean water, to ocean clean up. Listening to the Environmental Advocacy Plan from other college students made me realize that we all share the same goal for our Earth despite the differences in our cultures and upbringing. 

Having attend the Climate Change Seminar and Forums, I feel deep down that Saudi Arabia is true to their vision and is really pushing for a positive change in today’s energy sector. I have learnt about classification of Hydrogen production and other forms of alternative energy Saudi Arabia is exploring, not only for themselves, but for the world. Being able to listen to HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman past and current inspiration and advice for us is something that I truly cherish from this trip. 

This trip showed me the vast differences and yet similarities in cultures of the Middle East and Thailand from their push towards a balance between locality and urbanism to the perception of chronemics. This trip also enabled me to explore their cuisine, something that I would not be able to do so here in Thailand. 

I believe that Saudi Arabia’s push towards the tourism sector would be something to look forward to and that we should all strive towards a Sustainable Future together as one. 

Story: Thanawat Chaophatcharathavekij, Student from Professional Culinary Arts (International Program) 

Photo: Polwarut Pornsuvisit, Student from Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management  



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