Pathway Program

English + Mathematics + Hospitality and Lifestyle

A unique learning formula to kickstart a successful journey
in an international hospitality degree

Program Highlights

IELTS/TOEFL Score Up-level Focus

The programs are well designed to ensure that learners will be able to concretely level up their score of the global standard English proficiency tests, such as IELTS and TOEFL, for entering an international degree program as the main objective. 

Modular Courses

With modular courses, learners can design their own learning pathway by choosing to study only what is necessary, minimum length of 9 weeks, maximum length of 1 year.

A Direct Pathway to Hospitality Degree Programs

DTC’s pathway program prepares learners for university life, focusing on interactive and engaging student-centered learning, with activities and excursions designed to immerse learners in Thai culture and give students a taste of the hospitality industry.

Language + Mathematics + Hospitality and Lifestyle Learning

DTC’s pathway program offers a unique style of learning by combining hospitality and lifestyle courses in each session. Learners will enjoy learning practical hospitality skills and discovering Thai and international cultures, while boosting their English and maths skills.

Fun Learning Environment

Learning will experience the fun learning atmosphere with small class size and opportunities to learn

inside and outside classrooms.

Tailor your studies to your needs

Each learners journey through the program is unique, based on their English and Maths levels. Applicants’ English and Maths levels will be assessed. These results will define the number of sessions of the pathway program a learner normally needs to complete before being reaching their desired English or maths level.

Course Offerings


Intensive English Pathway develops the student’s skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading comprehension, and written expressions in the academic setting. The three levels* are progressively designed to ensure that learners will be able to concretely level up their score of the global standard English proficiency tests intended for entering an international degree program.
Level 1: Fundamentals of English 1
Level 2: Fundamentals of English 2
Level 3: Test Preparation for TOEFL

*Placement in a level is determined based on admissions exam result


Pathway Math 1 and 2 are designed to help students progress through math concepts and skills.
They provide students with the foundation in basic math skills such as arithmetic, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratios, and other mathematical functions applied to culinary arts and hotel management.

Pathway Math introduces real-world examples and applications of the mathematical concepts relevant to hospitality industry helping them to understand the importance of maths in the workplace.

Hospitality & Lifestyle

This course exposes the students to an immersive learning experience covering practical and fun hospitality and life skills.
The highlighted courses are;
Born Digital
Surviving University
Coffee Culture
Temples, Tigers and Thai
Passport to the world
Movies, Music and You
Preparing for Success
Cakes and Bakes
Eat Well, Live Well
Getting My Message Across

Jumpstart your successful journey in the hospitality world,
join our Pathway Program!

What are in Hospitality and Lifestyle?

  • Born Digital : Social media and connectivity
  • Surviving University : University life preparation
  • Coffee Culture : Barista course
  • Temples, Tigers and Thai : Thailand and Thai culture
  • Passport to the world : Global citizenship
  • Movies, Music and You : Contemporary arts and culture
  • Preparing for Success : Career preparation
  • Cakes and Bakes : Culinary pastry and baking course
    Eat Well, Live Well : Healthy eating and living
  • Getting My Message Across : Communication skills and styles

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