Professional Culinary Arts (International)

Bachelor of Business Administration Programme in Professional Culinary Arts (Joint Programme between Le Cordon Bleu and Dusit Thani College)

Programme Name

Bachelor of Business Administration Programme in Professional Culinary Arts (International Program)

Degree Name

Full Title: Bachelor of Business Administration (Professional Culinary Arts)

Abbreviated: B.B.A. (Professional Culinary Arts)

Programme-specific Information


The Bachelor of Business Administration in Professional Culinary Arts aims to provide students with knowledge and skills in western and Thai culinary arts. Graduates will be prepared to work in the hospitality industry with the ability to develop food concepts by applying knowledge of local regions to international culinary standards. Students will build professional skills based on real-world experience via on-site training in the hospitality industry locally and internationally.

Year I: Fundamentals of Business, Culinary Arts and Life Skills

The first year gives a broad introduction to business, culinary arts, bakery and life studies. Students will gain knowledge and skills in business communication, information systems and digital innovation for business as well as social manners, analytical thinking and professional ethics. Students will acquire basic knowledge and skills in food preparation, including recipe-based calculations, knife skills, western culinary techniques, food plating and presentation.

Year II: Principles of Business Management and Intermediate Culinary Arts

This year, students will develop their understanding of the principles of business management. Studies will include theories of accounting and finance, marketing, human resources management, economics and business laws. Focus will be placed on restaurant management and practical experience in bar operations, and further techniques will be developed in kitchen skills and bakery.

Year III: Menu Planning, Catering, Restaurant Management, Advanced Bakery Pastry and Supervised Field Training

Third year students will develop an in-depth knowledge in the art and science of kitchen and restaurant operations. Students will learn menu planning, target market analysis, cost control, catering, restaurant management, business ethics and social responsibility. Students will develop their pastry skills by studying decorative sugar and chocolate work and innovative desserts. Further practical experience will be gathered through 1,000 hours of supervised field trainings in a real workplace specialising in western cuisine, pastry and bakery.

Year IV: Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Coffee Shop Operations

Students will build knowledge of strategic management to analyse internal and external environments and plan appropriate solutions. The entrepreneurship course provides the competencies needed for starting, managing and growing a business. Seniors will apply their knowledge by running the coffee shop on campus, serving drinks, food and bakery items. In addition, they will complete their supervised field training in restaurant management and Thai cuisine.

Curriculum Structure

Number of credits
136 Credits
Number of credits 136 Credits
General education courses 31 Credits
- Science and mathematics 6 Credits
- Language studies 12 Credits
- Humanities 7 Credits
- Social sciences 6 Credits
Professional courses 87 Credits
- Core courses 26 Credits
- Major required courses 55 Credits
- Major elective courses 6 Credits
Free electives 6 Credits
Supervised field training 12 Credits


4 Years (8 Semesters)

Start Date

1st Semester - 13 August 2019
2nd Semester - 6 January 2020

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