Hotel and Resort Management (International)

Bachelor of Business Administration Programme in Hotel and Resort Management

Programme name

Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Hotel and Resort Management

Degree Name

Full Title : Bachelor of Business Administration (Hotel and Resort Management)
Abbreviated : B.B.A. (Hotel and Resort Management)

Programme-Specific Information

In addition to preparing students for management and leadership positions in the vibrant and growing national and international hospitality industry, this programme builds the skills required for starting up and developing a service-related business. With academic rigour at its core, the international Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Resort Management sets the benchmark in hospitality management education. Across eight distinct semesters, students will alternate between classroom studies and real industry experience for a diverse and comprehensive academic experience in which they will gain the necessary body of knowledge, build professional skills and develop a true hospitality mindset. Certified by the world famous Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, the programme meets international standards. The Ecole has further developed and guided our instructors and frequently monitors the quality of the curriculum and the courses. Students have the chance to follow part of their studies at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Year I: Hospitality Operations

Build general professional knowledge and skills, including culinary, food and beverage and accommodation operations. Become fluent in the art of Thai hospitality.

Dynamic learning includes a combination of theory classes, demonstrations by our experienced instructors and active application of operational tasks in the different facilities of our college and in various departments of the Dusit Princess hotel, which is adjacent to the college.

Courses include culinary arts, food and beverage service, wine science, front office operations, housekeeping and design/maintenance of hotel properties.

Communication skills are developed during this first year through language courses (Thai, English and another language) as well as through courses in which the students are exposed to and trained in best communication practices, including an intensive course in computer technology.

In addition, students will be introduced to Dusit’s core values and begin to develop their sense of social manners, service orientation, life planning, public spirit, and professional ethics.

Year II: Hospitality Management Tools

In the sophomore year of the programme, the focus is on the basic management theories, concepts and tools. Business Administration courses cover Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Human Resources Management and Organization & Management, enabling the students to think and apply these disciplines in a multi-disciplinary way.

In addition to these core courses, students will undertake further intensive language classes, build an understanding of the principles of law and acquire the necessary skills in using statistical techniques in a professional context.

The second year includes five months of supervised field training in a luxury hotel or resort, focusing on the operational departments of the hospitality industry: housekeeping, front office, restaurant, bar and kitchen. Students have the chance to apply the skills they have acquired during the first year in a real-life context, as well as learn how to work in teams, how to address problems and how to act and perform in a disciplined way. The students will be coached by professionals in the hotel as well as by an instructor of Dusit Thani College. Students will reflect on the learning experiences during this field training via a report and a presentation.

Year III: Hospitality Operations Management

During the third year, students will accelerate their professional and management learning by combining and integrating what they have studied and practiced thus far.

In a cluster of courses, they study hospitality operations management. Subjects such as menu planning, food and beverage control, restaurant and accommodation management as well as hotel information technology are taught in an applied way, which means that students will learn how to use the content of these courses in the day-to-day life of an operational manager in the hospitality business. This cluster of courses will be supported by a program in supervisory and management skills development.

Additionally, students will focus on the application of basic business administration disciplines in the hospitality industry. Students will acquire knowledge and skills such as hotel accounting, hotel marketing and sales, revenue management and hotel business law. This cluster will be supported by courses in project management and research methodology, mainly as a preparation for the final year of the program.

Students choose a free elective to supplement their studies and interests.

Year IV: Hospitality Entrepreneurship and Strategy

The senior year focuses on the most cutting-edge business concepts and strategies in the field. The students will develop their leadership competencies as well as their entrepreneurial skills, which will enable them to start, develop and successfully lead their own business. Courses such as risk and financial management, contemporary world affairs, business ethics and social responsibility will ensure students approach global business in a responsible and sustainable way.

A second five-month supervised field training will take place in Thailand or abroad in a high quality hospitality company. Focused on supervision and administration, the training will enable the students to use their supervisory and management skills as well as their business competencies in a real workplace.

Students will learn to operate in a business context: listening, communicating, understanding quickly and acting, while accepting and adhering to the rules and values of the company. A report containing the learning experiences as well as a presentation about these experiences is required for successful completion. The final year is concluded with a senior project, in which the students work alone or in a group to address a real life business challenge, using all the skills and knowledge they have acquired throughout the programme.

Students will be coached and supervised by subject matter experts at Dusit Thani College and make their presentation in front of an expert committee.

Program Structure

Number of credits 137 Credits

Number of credits
137 credits
Number of credits 137 credits
General Education Courses 32 Credits
- Science and Mathematics 6 Credits
- Language Studies 12 Credits
- Humanities 7 Credits
- Social Sciences 7 Credits
Professional Courses 87 Credits
- Core Courses 33 Credits
- Major Required Courses 54 Credits
Free Electives 6 Credits
Supervised Field Training 12 Credits


4 Years (8 Semesters)

Start Date

1st Semester - 13 August 2019
2nd Semester - 6 January 2020

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