Hotel Management

Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Hotel Management

Programme Name

Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Hotel Management

Degree Name

Full Title: Bachelor of Business Administration (Hotel Management)

Abbreviated: B.B.A. (Hotel Management)

Programme Information

Year I: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

The first year covers a broad introduction to the hospitality industry, food and beverage services and culinary arts.

General Education

Explore beyond the specific focus of your major in a range of general subjects. Study the foundations of psychology, law, information technology, English, mathematics and study skills. These courses will prepare you for the demands of higher education, underline the importance of education and give you the skills for success.

Dusit Core Values

Alongside your studies, you’ll be introduced to the characteristics and values that Dusit deems crucial for a career in hospitality. Develop your understanding of industry ethics and begin to build a skill set that includes social manners, service psychology, life planning,public spirit and professional ethics.

Year II: Business Elements of the Hospitality Industry

Core Business Knowledge for Hotel and Resort Management

Through these business modules, you’ll develop your understanding of organisation management as you’re introduced to the principles of communication, law, accounting, marketing, statistics, computing, and English specifically for the hotel business. In addition, you’ll build your practical knowledge in beverage products and bar operations, food and beverage operations and catering service management.

Practical Application

Gain real-life experience in a hotel or resort. On site, you’ll be observing the professionals and applying the skills and theory you’ve gathered. Not only will you get firsthand understanding of the industry, but a real sense of working life in a hotel.

Year III: Hotel and Resort Management

Hotel and Resort Management

This year, your management courses will provide the opportunity to apply the skills and tools necessary to perform as a manager. Courses include room division management, planning and control for food and beverage operations, front office operations and housekeeping operations. In addition, you’ll be studying business ethics, principles of economics, business English, finance, marketing, accounting and computer programming for front office operations.

Operational Field Training: focusing on food and beverage services

Build your skills in an on-site internship focused on F&B. Gain professional experience in the field as you are required to work with others, self manage, solve problems, make reports and presentation and maintains professional ethics. This unit continues to apply the skills and personal characteristics you have developed so far.

Year IV: Hospitality Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Research

Study cutting-edge business concepts and strategies, to combine with knowledge in leadership & entrepreneurship skills during a managerial internship.

Supervisory Field Training: practical training in rooms division

Your final practical internship focuses on training in the rooms division of the hotel and resort industry. Enhance your professional discipline as you hone your existing skills and build a more well rounded understanding of the industry.

Program Structure

Number of credits: 133 Credits

Number of credits 133 Credits
General education subjects 32 Credits
- Science and mathematics 9 Credits
- Language studies 12 Credits
- Humanities & social sciences 11 Credits
Professional courses 86 Credits
- Core courses 31 Credits
- Major required courses 40 Credits
- Major elective courses 15 Credits
Free electives 6 Credits
Supervised field training 1,500 Hours 9 Credits


4 Years (8 Semesters)

Start Date

1st Semester - 19 August 2019
2nd Semester - 6 January 2020

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