Sittha Moeikhanmak

Company: Tapestry in Providence – Rhode Island, USA

Position: Associate Manager with Coach, Tapestry in Providence – Rhode Island, USA

 I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for your professional education that you have taught and allowed me to achieve my goals in the industry.

I had been going through a very quality time at the college in Tourism Management. I had gained lots of trend knowledge, high potential skill, and an internship experience. Those were a mighty foundation of my hospitality career and they had been building me up with a quality of all kinds. Since I studied there, there were lots of a good and bad memories.

I have fond memories of friendships, khaokeang Pa-Taew, personal experiences and valuable education. The relationships formed from classmate, friend and professors was very valuable anก is still true through great connections by exchanging and helping each other no matter where you are. I especially remember Pa Taew, our famous mini restaurant in the canteen. She is a legend with Tom Yum Koong and Khai Cheow. I bet everyone has experience her amazing talents with these dishes. To this day my friend and I are still talking about her. I tried to participate as much as I could and got involved with events, such as sport days and internship. It was a great opportunity to earn and develop more friends, better social skill and connection. The experience DTC provided is represented all over the world through my fellow Dusit Thani College alumni. Dusit Thani College not only provided an education, it also was a foundation of my career path. I used everything that I learned from Dusit Thani College’s experts in my daily life. Their real world experiences has helped me better deal with my experiences in the real world.

I wish to really thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication in assisting young blood like me get through the difficult periods and helping me become a better person in my career and life. Without your constant support, patience, hard work and attention I would not have been able to be as successful as I have been. This is all thanks to Dusit Thani College’s development of my hospitable roots.

My parents are also very happy about my growth in my career. They are also very proud of Dusit Thani College and thankful for my education from a respected and trustworthy college.


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