Miang Pla Too – Dusit Thani Recipe

Miang Pla Too
(Mackerel with Herbs and Savoury Sauce)

The Outstanding feature of this dish is to put all the
ingredients in a mouthful wrap. Possible wrapping materials
are wild betel leaves, lettuce, Chinese kale, pickled cabbage
(Lao-tian recipe) and also noodles (called ‘Miang Kuai Tiao’).
Importantly, the ingredients must be cut into small pieces
or dices to make a bite-size wrap. Sauce is optional.


Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • 2 steamed mackerel (200 grams each)
  • 40 grams young ginger, cut into 0.5-cm. dices
  • 40 grams shallot, cut into 0.5-cm. dice
  • 40 grams toasted peanuts
  • 40 grams lime, cut into 0.5-cm dices
  • 40 grams dried shrimps, deep-fried
  • 20 grams hot chili peppers, finely sliced
  • 3-4 lettuce leaves
  • 80 grams rice vermicelli, soaked in water and blanched
  • Vegetable oil, for frying
  • Savoury Sauce
  • 40 ml. fish sauce
  • 30 grams palm sugar
  • 60 ml. lime juice


  1. To make the savoury sauce, combine fish sauce,

palm sugar and lime juice in a mixing bowl, stirring

well to dissolve. Set aside.

2.Prepare the mackerel. Deep fry the mackerel in

a pan over medium heat until golden brown. Transfer

to a plate. Leave to cool and fillet. Make 8 bite-size

pieces from each mackerel.

3.Arrange Miang ingredients on a plate; fried

mackerel pieces, young ginger, shallots, toasted

peanuts, lime, fried dried shrimps and sliced hot chili

peppers. Place a bowl of the savoury sauce in the

middle. Serve with fresh lettuce and blanched rice


  1. To eat, fold a lettuce leaf into a cone shape,

add fried mackerel, ginger, shallots, peanuts, lime,

dried shrimps and hot chili peppers. Drop a spoonful

of the savoury sauce on it and eat in one bite.


???? All ingredients for Miang should be cut into bite-
sized pieces to accommodate eating.

???? When cooled down, good Miang savoury sauce
should have the texture of sweetened condensed milk.
If you prefer thicker sauce, mix in some pounded sweet
peanut bars.

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